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Преподаватель: Lucila Domingues

Опубликовано:  2013-06-27
Страна:  Бразилия
Регион:  Сан-Паулу
Город:  Жундиаи

Преподаю:  Португальский язык, Английский язык
Опыт преподавания:  11
Специализация:  Pedagogy, lived abroad 2 years in England and Spain, work with children as a Playworker in english schools
Говорю на языках:  Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and English
Skype:  lucila.vitti

Iґm Brazilian portuguese and english teacher. Iґve lived in England and Spain. My method is based in how the babies learning their natural languages. By association the sounds with the pictures and mimes, behavioursґparents. The same way I use differents tools to help my students: first of all speaking and secondly grammar and writing. To speaking you must to use listening tools and as much as you can your 6 senses including the intuition: musics, movies, games, mimes, theater, ludic activities. Iґm giving classes for differents ages and adults also you need to help them give up the emotional blocks or problems first and after study the language. Psycology is very important because you discover the best way to teach your students. I work one by one, follow the students rhythm of learning and create the classes by students profile. Iґm degree in Pedagogy and Master in Marketing. I also have a Integral Pedagogy Course In Brazil and 9 years of experience to work as a language Teacher. Focus in tests, business,English interviews, human resources areas, pilots, flight attendants, and the necessities of my students.

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