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Преподаватель: Juan Pedro Martinez Fabra

Опубликовано:  2013-07-08
Страна:  Испания
Регион:  Валенсия
Город:  Валенсия

Преподаю:  Испанский язык
Опыт преподавания:  1
Специализация:  One to one spanish lessons via Skype
Говорю на языках:  Spanish, Engish and Valencian

Hola! Hablas Spanish? Do you want to learn and improve your Spanish? Do you want to practise speaking Spanish? If the answer is Yes, I can help! The lessons take place on SKYPE at a convenient time to suit you. The lessons would take the form of a conversation between us,on a one to one basis, lasting for one hour. We would be building up vocabulary , grammar, practising the pronunciation, and we will progress at a speed that is comfortable for you.The most important thing is that it will be enjoyable and fun! Normally the lessons are 10? per hour, but as a special offer, I am offering a special price of 8? per hour, but I would like to offer you the first lesson free in order to find out your level of Spanish at the moment and also for us to meet each other. The normal method of payment would be by PayPal but we could discuss other options. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me again. Kind regards (saludos), Juan Pedro Martinez Fabra

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